Sarah DiMagno

Ph.D. Student, University of California, Berkeley


I am a first-year Ph.D. student in the Jurisprudence & Social Policy Program at UC Berkeley, and will begin a J.D. at Berkeley Law in 2023. I'm interested in health, welfare, and labor law and policy, and how race- and gender-based discrimination have shaped the American welfare state. I graduated from Yale College in 2018, and between college and graduate school I worked as a health policy researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, an Iowa caucus organizer for Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign, and an elections data scientist at BallotReady.

In my free time, I enjoy reading historical fiction and food writing, cooking, running, and exploring the Bay Area.

Latest Publication

Drug Reimbursement Regulation in 6 Peer Countries

Under the direction of Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, my colleagues and I researched drug pricing schemes in a variety of OECD countries and compared these schemes to current proposals for reform in the US. We concluded that the US should pursue an aggressive value-based pricing regime that goes further than the reforms currently being debated.